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Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 is here.

So this means that your 2011 annual accountings and reports for Article 81 Guardians are due in five short months.

If you are the guardian of the person or property of a ward you MUST file your annual reports.  There is no negotiation on this point.  A failure to file your reports in a timely manner can cause you to be removed as guardian.

Now is the time to begin gathering all the financial records regarding your ward for 2011.  If you wait until May you are going to be running against the clock to gather the required information and prepare your report.

If you feel that you are not going to be able to comply with the reporting requirement, or have any questions regarding what information you need to submit, your court examiner is an invaluable resource.

As Guardian you may have the authority to seek outside assistance to prepare the accounting and report.  However, in some cases you may need the approval of the Court before you can retain an accountant or attorney to perform this work on your behalf.

The Law Office of Daniel A. Jimenez P.C. can assist you in preparing these reports.  Free initial consultations are available to discuss your annual reporting requirement. Call 631-244-1534 to schedule an appointment.

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willson said...

If you are the guardian of the being or acreage of a area you MUST book your anniversary reports. There is no agreement on this point. A abortion to book your letters in a appropriate address can account you to be removed as guardian.

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